Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sewing review: Green Pepper pattern

Holy buckets! This pattern was a disaster. I am an experienced sewer. I've been sewing for 20+ years. This pattern did not work for me.

I measured Ice Girl, but the top of the leotard was way too tight and the length was too short. I even went up one size to figure in a little growth.

The pattern and instructions for the scrunchie worked well, though. But Ice Girl, that smart aleck, now claims that we made 40-dollar scrunchies. With the mood I was in after sewing that awful pattern, Ice Girl's lucky that I didn't wrap one of those scrunchies around her neck.

Luckily, I found some Kwik Sew patterns locally. I'll keep you posted about how these patterns work out.

Overall rating: 1/2 out of 4 stars. Don't buy the Green Pepper pattern for skating outfits. The pattern makes a good scrunchie, though.


Angie said...

I know this is an older post I ma replying to, but I wanted to thank you for the warning! I'm trying to make a dress for dd and you are making me very happy that I decided on a Kwik Sew pattern! :-) I will avoid the Green Pepper pattern like the plague!

Ice Mom said...

Glad I could help, Angie. I'm sure Green Pepper makes fine fishing vests, but I can't imagine how they fit!

I'm on my fourth Kwik Sew pattern now. (Ice Girl and I started sewing it last night.) Good instructions, multi-sized patterns.

By the way, I'd avoid Specialty Sportswear patterns unless you're brave and are way more experienced than I am. The directions are sketchy.

I own the system and a couple of patterns, but I've been to chicken to try them. :) A gal at our associate club sews them all the time, though. She says they're like being in the wilderness without a guide!

Angie said...

ACK...no, I think I will skip Specialty Sportswear for now. I'm a beginner all the way! I would like to order a Jalie pattern but not until I figure out the Kwik Sews first. It's really quite hard to find skating dress patterns! I wish dd could fit into the adult Kwik Sews. I like some of the patterns better then the little girl dresses. She wears a size 8 in most of her street clothes and usually a 10/12 in skatewear. I've got a couple sizes to go before she can fit into the adult dresses. Oh well! Thanks again!

katiedear said...

I use to sew for a designer and then two pro shops. When you are experienced with your child's body you will be able to take a basic pattern and alter it. The basic body of a leotard that fits well will be your standard. You can add to the middle or the crotch; sewing is pretty mathmatical. My daughter grew but was mostly the same around. She had an outfit for artistics numbers that she wore for years. It just kept getting shorter.