Saturday, November 15, 2008

Newbie: my own theme song

Some of you might remember my earlier blog post about how figure skating is really a small community and eventually everyone starts to know everyone else. That was the post about theme songs and how you should choose a good theme song for yourself, not the theme song to say, Jaws or Psycho. You can find that post here.

You might have spotted the hubris in that post. I thought my theme song might be If I Had a Million Dollars from the Barenaked Ladies because I'm obsessed with figure skating's costs and I dream of a day when I can just thow money at the ice without a care. A big tree fort in the backyard, complete with a mini-fridge, would be cool, too.

Here's the hubris: my theme song is not one I chose, as I had recommended people do. No, no. My theme song is along the lines of Nowhere to Run by Arnold McCuller or If I only Had a Brain by that scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz.

Here I am all smart-mouthed, blogging about my experiences with real people. Now real people have found out who I am. That post about Psycho and Jaws isn't nearly as funny when someone I know who knows those two people says to me:

"I know who you are."

Me: deer-in-the-headlights look

Other person: "You're Ice Mom, aren't you."

Me: crap, crap, crap.

Hoo-boy. It's all fun until folks hold you accountable. Well, I'm a big girl and I stand by my advice: try hard to pick your own theme song and make it something you can dance to.

Otherwise, you can be like me and wear a mask everywhere you go. Actually, spy music is pretty cool. Maybe I could have some 007 theme song...


Skittl1321 said...

Figure skating is a small world, but you shouldn't be ashamed of anything you wrote. You never named people, and what you described may have been inspired by real people, but it described a "mom" who all of us know, even if we don't know those moms. I know how you feel though, as I've never tried to be anonymous on my blog, because I figured it would just be too tough. Once you posted your daughter's costumes, it probably became more difficult to stay anonymous. I often type out posts and then think- no, I wouldn't say it to their face, so I shouldn't say it here.

I hope you keep blogging, because I love reading it! (Especially the costume posts!)


Ice Mom said...

Thanks, Skittl.

Well, this whole thing hasn't been a gossip blog, so I don't think I need to worry too much.

And, well, here it is: Ice Girl skates at 6 a.m. most days, which is before the vampires wake up. :)

Susana said...

It is a small world, but Psycho is international. We have a few mom's like that in Mexico too. Luckily they keep to other ice rinks so we're safe. We just get to see them at some competitions and they come out in full force at Nationals.

About skating at 6 a.m., its just vampires, Ice Girl, you, my daughter and me. Mexican Ice Girl loves to skate at 6am too!!

Ice Mom said...

Susana - Your daughter skates at 6 a.m., too? I bet your rink isn't 54 degrees in the lobby! I think I could see my breath in the restroom this morning while I was putting on my makeup!

I'll think of you tomorrow in sunny Mexico, while I wait for my car to warm up at 5:30 a.m. in 17-degree Wisconsin. *sigh*

angel said...

Come skate in alaska, where is might be 50 or 60 below and we have to let the car run for the two plus hours we are at the rink!

Ice Mom said...

Are you kidding me, angel? I thought my rump would freeze to the seat in the restrooms this morning. I can't see going out my front door at 50 degrees below zero, let alone driving to the rink! They close school here when it's 50 degrees below zero. Skate? That's just insane.

I bet you're happy that gas prices are going down, hey? I just saw $1.95 today. It would kill me to just let my van run for two hours. I understand why you do it, but it would just kill me.

Susana said...

Oh no, the lowest we get in Mexico City is around 35 degrees. This morning was around 40 degrees outside. Sunny but cool. I'll be thinking about you hoping you have a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate with you at 6am!

angel said...

It was 20 below this am when we left at 530am.
I let the car run for while, it shuts off and then I do it again.We also plug it in when we can and then we dont need to let it run as much.
Gas here is still high, and we have a refinery right down the road.Its 2.81 , but then it was 4.44 only three months ago so for that I am grateful!!
Our schools dont close for cold, or even snow for that matter. we still have outside recess until 20 below or colder.
Its a different cold here, hard to explain.Like Az, its dry. Of course, 50 below is COLD!! But we still go out and skate :P
More than you ever wnated to know about Alaska!