Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sewing review: Jalie shrug/bolero pattern #2558

I haven’t started again on that dress I ruined. I wanted to, I really did. But I needed a shot of courage before bringing out that Specialty Sportswear pattern again. Those Specialty Sportswear patterns aren’t easy, but that’s for a post when I can show you the finished dress, not the ruined mess.

Over the weekend I sewed a shrug from the Jalie pattern company, pattern #2558. The pattern set me back $10.55, plus shipping from Canada. Shipping wasn’t fast, but I received the pattern about a week and a half after I ordered it. The pattern encompasses everyone from tiny tot to big momma, so you’re getting a value for your Canadian dollar.

The instructions, measurements, and pattern pieces are all printed on one big piece of heavy paper. I don’t recommend unfolding that huge sheet of paper while sewing. Jalie provides a .pdf document on its site with the back-of-the-envelope information as well as sewing instructions and diagrams in both French and English. I was able to take that .pdf printout to the fabric store and buy fabric as well as order online. I kept the printout on my sewing cabinet, too, so I could follow the instructions while I sewed.

The pattern is so easy. The instructions are instructions, not hints. It has just four pieces. The sleeve is sew-around, not set-in. No buttons, no snaps, no invisible-freaking-zippers, and no elastic.

I cut that puppy out on Saturday night, sewed it on Sunday morning, and I’m feeling pretty good again.

Ice Girl loves her dance shrug that I bought locally for $34. That shrug lives in the do-not-destroy area of her closet; it's the one she uses just out on the ice before a competition. The other $34 shrug she bought with her own money, wears constantly, and washes occasionally.

Now she has another shrug to add to the mix and she’ll have one made from black PolarTec fleece, too. That one’s called Christmas.

Bottom line: Yep. I’d buy from Jalie again. The instructions are terrific, the pattern pieces have every possible size, and the finished product looks great. Even better: I feel confident again and I didn’t spend my Sunday cursing and seam ripping.


Skittl1321 said...

I buy my Jalie patterns from they cost a smidge more than the ones from Jalie, and you don't get the buy 3 get 1 free deal- but they come super quickly, and I support a website I love. The reviews and boards are incredibly useful. ( also has them, and I occasionally shop there, the shipping is fast)

Glad to hear this one is a winner. I just love Jalie all around, though right now if I see another skating dress I'm going to scream. I am ALMOST finished with the 9 dresses for the synchro team for Christmas- I just have to add the hooks and eyes, a few more bits of elastic, and sew down the collar facing... Then I'm never volunteering for anything again :) (although, by sewing all the dresses it did get me out of having to pay for a Sixo dress)

Ice Mom said...

Geez, Skittl. Nine synchro dresses. Bless your heart.

Ice Girl is about to take part in an entertainment something for Badger State Games. She's in the Cinderella group. I'm thinking I'm going to get nailed with sewing projects, too!

Penny said...

Here is another site to order Jalie patterns from

I absolutely love Jalie patterns because they actually fit and are quite easy to alter/modify. Although I must admit I bought her last competition dress - could not beat the price.

Susana said...

I wish I could make my daughter's dresses too. It sounds like so much fun. How much does it cost to make a competition dress versus buying one?

Ice Mom said...

I think I spend maybe $100 - $120 on a competition dress, including the crystals. I've seen dresses with the number of crystals I put on selling for $300-$500.

I'd be saving money if I only made one dress per season. However, I'm averaging one per competiton. That saves very little money! :)

Susana said...

I've bought my daughter a couple of dresses from a lady on ebay. They are really nice, embroidered and beaded by hand and are only $55-65. Shipping is really fast too. When they get here I just add a few crystals and they look amazing. The only bad thing is that although there are lots of models sometimes I can't find anything that really goes with the music.:)

Ice Mom said...

$55 - $65 is a bargain! I picked up a dress at a competition a few weekends ago for $10! HA! I felt so smart! The dress needs crystals, but still...$10. :)