Wednesday, June 11, 2008

newbie: Figure skating fight songs

I’m sure you have this type of parent in your club: the kind who should come with his own theme song. Maybe it’s “Send in the Clowns” or “Rocky.”

But maybe…it’s “Jaws,” or worse, “Psycho.”

Yeah. You know that person, too?

I went with Ice Girl to the Pettit Ice Arena in Milwaukee last weekend and I began talking to this gal from Milw. She asked what my home club was and I told her. After a few minutes of ice mom talk, she launched into a rant.

It turns out she knows “Psycho,” too.

I’m 90 miles away from home and this person has managed to tick off members of another club! And from what she was saying, “Psycho” ticked off large portions of the figure skating community from around Wis. and Northern Illinois.

She finally wound down her tirade with an unflattering physical comment about “Psycho.”

When the rant was over, all I could say was, “Wow,” and “Um…”

Newbie lesson #1: pick your own theme song and make sure it’s not the soundtrack from a horror movie.
Newbie lesson #2: Realize that figure skating’s theme song could be “It’s a Small World after All," or "I Heard It through the Grapevine."


Aaron said...

Oh...we ALL know Psycho! This past weekend I went to a local competition they have in the Quad Cities every year and there was not one...not two...but three psychoettes in attendance.

Everything from the other girls outfit to how the music control guys was playing the music wrong...I mean, you push a it possible to play it wrong?

I definitely understand!

Ice Mom said...

Oh, God, Aaron. I think "Psycho" might have been in the Quad Cities last weekend. You really might know him and his daughter "Cruella de Vil."

I think maybe it's the amount of money and time that people spend on their kids' figure skating starts to make them insane.

Let's just hope the crazy band music doesn't start to play when I enter the rink! I'm still new yet! :)

Jessim said...

Our rink is laid back, but we have a few crazies- no "pyscho" there though. But yes- it's a small world after all!

Are you all being affected by this terrible weather? Our city is having "historic" flooding, but thankfully I've been unaffected.

Ice Mom said...

Hi, Skittl.

Yeah, we're fine, thanks. However, an hour north of here a lake left town. Lake Delton crossed Hwy A and fled down the Wisconsin River along with three houses. Just unbelievable.

Twenty minutes east of here they're evacuating people from their houses.

Aaron said...

The Mississippi is getting high but it hasn't spilled into our backyards yet...keep fingers crossed!

p.s. I think I did see some Dalmation fur this weekend...

Kim said...

ice mom...being originally from Wisconsin (Milwaukee actually; I now live in NY and only skate at the Pettit or Wilson Park when I am visiting my mom), I understand the small world you live's hard to hear that things have not changed! But then again, it's like that other places as well...

Anonymous said...

I have one question for you. I am a figure skater and i bought those Pic skates a month ago. I live in Bosnia so it's really hard for me to order new wheels. I ordered them, but it takes time for them to come tough. I found some normal roller skate wheels, which are like these wheels for pic skates. So what do u think, will they work 'till my real pic skate wheels come?

Ice Mom said...

Hi, anonymous.

I'm really not an expert in PIC skates, but I can tell you what I think.

I think that the wheels from the PIC folks allow you to skate with inside and outside edges. I'm not sure that plain ol' wheels will do that for you.

You might want to e-mail the PIC skate distributor, Harmony Sports. Someone there should be able to give you good advice!

Best wishes,

Ice Mom