Monday, May 5, 2008

Newbie: summer gear

The weather's warmer and I'm getting wiser. I've made the transition from winter figure skating Ice Mom to summer figure skating Ice Mom.

I remember when Ice Girl played soccer (well, picked dandelions) and I had a soccer mom kit in my trunk. You soccer moms know the kit, I'm sure. Kids play soccer from March through late October, so they play in snow, rain, and hot sun. My trunk contained a folding chair, a blanket or two, a big umbrella, a jacket, sunscreen...I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Ah yes! A glass bottle that served as a vase for the dandelion bouquet.

Now that I'm a figure skating mom and the weather's warmer, I have to outwit my summer self before I leave my driveway. I will not shiver through another 6 a.m. Friday morning lesson in sandals and capris with no jacket.

My car now contains:
  • Two blankets (one stylish that I swiped from my mother, the other an old Hello Kitty blanket). I sit on one blanket (Hello Kitty) and cover up with the other.
  • Socks. When I wear my Birkenstocks, I can throw these on my feet when I get to the rink.
  • An old jacket. I think it's been in my trunk since Ice Girl's last soccer season years ago.
  • Gloves. I put them there for me, but let's face it: Ice Girl swipes them up every time. Where does she get this behavior?

It's a pretty small kit, compared to the soccer kit I used to haul. I'm very grateful that I don't have to watch Ice Girl in the rain or snow. It's actually quite nice to cool off a bit at the rink when it's warm.

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