Thursday, February 25, 2010

Figure Skating Summer Camp Survey

It's nearly spring and time to start looking at figure skating summer camps.

The trouble, as I'm sure you've noticed, is that parents have no idea which figure skating summer camp would be the best fit for their child.

To end the confusion and to lend some order to the chaos I've created a camp survey.

Please consider this an invitation to take the survey and help other ice parents choose a summer camp intelligently. To my skater readers - yes, you can fill out the survey, too!

Thanks in advance for your help! I'll keep the survey open until the end of March and share the results with everyone in April.

Had a good camp experience? Had a lousy one? Please fill out the survey and leave a comment here, too. Let's share our knowledge!

Update: Reader, coach, figure skating parent, and adult skater Xan of Xanboni! makes an excellent point. So excellent, in fact, that I'm going make it big and change the wording on the survey to include her suggestion:

Don't forget to check out the many excellent day camp-style figure skating camps run by many local and municipal ice rinks, as well. Cheaper, closer, less intense.

Update/Note from Ice Mom: A survey taker wrote that she (?) was a skater, not a parent. Awesome! Thanks for filling out the survey!

Have a question for Ice Mom and the Advisory Board? Have a great idea for a post? Are you an expert in something that figure skating parents care about! Fabulous! Please e-mail me at

Ice Mom's Summer Camp Survey


Xan said...

Don't forget to check out the many excellent day camp-style figure skating camps run by many local and municipal ice rinks, as well. Cheaper, closer, less intense.

Lindsay said...

I have never even been to an overnight camp before and this summer, my parents are letting me go to the camp at lake placid. I don't know anyone there and I'm not going with another friend so it will be a totally new experience for me, and I am so excited. I am preliminary level, but I have my doubles through lutz and can do double-doule-double combinations. I am only preliminary though because I have never competed before, and will compete for the first time this summer.

Ice Mom said...

Thanks for the great comment, Xan! I put it in the post in big letters and added a question to the survey, too.

Good catch! Thanks for watching out for me!

Ice Mom

Ice Mom said...


How exciting for you! Camp is going to be a blast. Ice Girl had so much fun when she went to a camp two years ago. Unfortunately, I think the camp has closed (they had to cancel one session last summer).

Anyway, she really wants to go to camp this year. She said not only did it energize her, but she got a killer loop jump out of it, too.

I tell you, they worked her to death. And she still talks about her sessions with Olympian Karyn Kadavy.

I hope you have a great time! Good luck in competition!

Ice Mom

just another figure skater said...

skating camp! man shes lucky, where i live there are no camps for skating & the closest ones are really expensive & far away

hope she has fun!

Ice Mom said...

Hello, Just!

Well, I hope Ice Girl is lucky. We'll see if Ice Dad and I can afford it this summer. We're working on it! Truthfully, Ice Girl is saving her allowances and the money she'll earn teaching Learn to Skate to help with the costs.

The closest camp to us is 300 miles away, I think.

However, take heart: I know a kid who went to Junior Nationals in 2008 and sectionals in 2009. Her first time at camp was summer of 2009.

Best wishes!

Ice Mom

Anonymous said...

This doesnt really have anything to do with this post but I was wondering how you display Ice girls medals. My daughter has been skating for a few years now but I have yet to think of a good way to display her medals. What do you think? Thanks!

Ice Mom said...

Hi, Anony.

Great question about displaying medals. I was lucky that when I.G. first started skating, a gal was selling these wooden skates at a competition. At the bottom are three posts, like a coat rack.

You know? Let me take a photo. I'll post it on Wednesday.

Great question!

Ice Mom

Ashley said...

I filled out the survey as a skater a few days ago for the Miami University synchronized skating camp that i went to twice. I didn't put contact information in, but you could ask me questions if you want.

Ice Mom said...

Thanks a lot, Ashely, for filling out the survey and contacting me!

Would you send me your e-mail address? You can send it to me at


Ice Mom

IceDancingGirl said...

What about ice dance camps? Do you know anything about those?

I don't even know if there are any camps specifically for ice dance...but that's the discipline I'm interested in!

Thanks, and your posts are great by the way :)