Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sewing review: Jalie Empire Waist Figure Skate Dress #2674

The purple painted dress I had made was Jalie pattern #2674, Empire Waist Figure Skating Dress, view B (the white one). I thought that the skirt with an empire waist would look pretty when Ice Girl was spinning.

Actually, it’s not as pretty as Kwik Sew #2796, which flares prettily when a skater spins. This one is too narrow for that pretty flare. Ice Girl has Kwik Sew #2796, but she won’t wear it for reasons that are a mystery to adults (like me and Ice Coach), but make perfect sense to a 13-year-old. For whatever reason, she won’t wear it anymore. Will this fickleness end at some point?

So. I made Jalie #2674, view B for the spins program. I’m pretty happy with the results, but I learned a few things that would be useful to know if you’re making it for the first time:
  • Painting it? Paint the panties, too. Otherwise, look away and giggle nervously when the skater spins and you can see what looks like tidy whities. Yeah. I did this. (Insert head smack here.)

  • Mistake on instructions. I think that Bodice – view B has a mistake when it tells sewers to pin the wrong side of front lining to right side of front pieces. That seriously can’t be right. It should be “Pin right side of front lining to wrong side of front pieces.” That’s what I did anyway, and I’m pretty sure it’s right.

  • Straps. Don’t let your kid convince you that the straps have to be super tight. If you do, you’ll get a pucker where the bodice halves meet. I covered up that pucker with some sequin trim, but still. It irritates me.

  • Keep track of the skirt pieces. There are seven panels to this six-gore skirt, so if you don’t keep good track of them, you might end up sewing back sides together, instead of center backs. Yeah. I ripped out that seam.

  • Sequin trim. I really like the stretchy sequin trim that I put on the bodice and Ice Girl has gotten compliments on it. If I were to do it again, I’d pop for the sequin trim again. The trim’s pretty easy to put on, especially if you do it after you’ve had the skater try on the dress and measure the straps. Just run that trim down the strap and zig-zag the embellished strap to the back bodice. I use a 90-gague needle for the sequin trim, not my puny stretch needles (70- 80-gague) and I usually break one needle when I’m applying the stretch trim with a wide zig zag on both sides of the trim. Better than hand sewing, though.
Bottom line: I’d sew this dress again, but not for a spins program. Oh, and I’m going to let the Jalie folks know about the error in the instructions. Otherwise, it’s a pretty dress, fits well, and goes together without too much drama. Well, not too much sewing drama, anyway.


newyorkland said...

I have also sewn both the Jalie and the Kwik Sew patterns. I have to agree that they both are nice projects to construct. I would have to say if you are constructing a dress with a noticable pattern than I would use the Kwik sew pattern. otherwise I really like the top of the Jalie pattern. My IG's Jalie dress is a lime green velour with a mesh glitter lime green skirt (grin).

Maybe you could put the Jalie top on the Kwik Sew Skirt..... Hmmmm... maybe my next project.

Thanks for keeping up with your blog very enjoyable..... Happy sewing.......

Ice Mom said...

I think you're right, NewYorkLand. If the fabric has a print, use the Kwik Sew because the skirt is in two pieces, not seven. Very smart.

Combining the Kwik Sew skirt and the Jalie top is very smart, too. I think combining the two would cover Ice Girl's objections to the dress. Let's face it: she hates her clear/nude undergarment showing.

Oh, she'd kill me if she knew I wrote that.

Mom of 4 Girls said...

I want to make Jalie 2323 but it is out of production. The Jalie company told me I can download the pattern, print it, and then tape all the pages together and cut out the pieces. I am wondering if it is worth it. Have you ever tried this method with any of Jalie's discontinued patterns?

Ice Mom said...

Hi, Mom of 4.

Nope, I haven't tried it, but I think it should be pretty straightforward. I'd use paper tape (a medical tape) to tape the sheets of paper together. That way, you won't melt plastic tape to your iron when you want it flat.

Let me know how it works out!

just pat said...

I like both Kwik Sew and Jalie, but I have to give the edge to Kwik Sew for a better variety of skirt and waistline options. Most of the Jalie skirts are straight or A-line.
Although now that I think about it, Jalie has an off-the-shoulder bodice and I don't think Kwik Sew has one.
I've used the Kwik Sew empire waist pattern, but I added gores so I could get more flair at the bottom of the skirt.
It's actually great for adult skaters because it hides that little pudge a lot of adults have, and if you have a gored skirt you can add more fullness below the waist for nice looking spins.
I also have to give a nod to Specialty Sportswear. Charlie was very helpful years ago when I started making dresses for my daughter. She has so many choices and can even make the pattern you want based on your choice of bodice, sleeve, skirt, etc. After talking to her about which patterns would offer me the most options to create my own dresses, I bought 6 patterns that gave me almost every choice of sleeves, bodice types and waist lines and skirts. I could trace any top to any waist and skirt. It was a great vocabulary for about 2 years until my daughter had grown too much to alter the size easily. (The patterns were not multi-sized.)
My daughter has always been my guinea pig for skating dresses. I learned how to airbrush, applique, crystal, custom dye, etc. by trying things out on her first. Every dress was a learning experience and when I was done, I always knew what I would do differently the next time.
Eventually I expanded to making dresses for others and I really enjoy that.

newyorkland said...

I have to agree about the specialty sportswear costumes. I have just started to dabble in constructing these dresses. I must say I love the skirt options. They just look really good. I also purchased the handbook which inspired me to become a little creative with myself and mix and match patterns.

I have mixed the Jalie 2323 top made it sleeveless with a tulip skirt in aqua spandex. Spandex world clearence fabric 6.40 a yard. (can't beat that!!)

I wish the patterns had more size options. I bought my pattern too small and I have had to lengthen it already. Other than that I have also enjoyed this company for patterns.

Pauline said...

They're fantastic!

Faith said...

Hi Ice Mom. I really enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for keeping your readers updated on your logs.