Monday, July 27, 2009

What's in Your Figure Skating Binder?

Thanks to Anonymous for suggesting this post.

It was a golden day when Ice Coach gave Ice Girl her first figure skating binder. Ice Coach had printed out a cover for the binder that had current high-level figure skaters’ photos on it and, of course, Ice Girl’s name.

What should go in the binder? Here’s a list, thanks mostly to Ice Coach.
  • The calendar with contracted ice times

  • The full club ice schedule (for walk-ons)

  • Notes from lessons

  • Moves patterns (USFS)

  • Moves common errors (USFS)

  • Moves test standards (what the judges look for, USFS)

  • Goals

  • What to practice for warm upthings to work on during ice time- jumps, spins, moves, programs

  • Off ice exercises & stretching

  • Competition entry forms & requirements (I.G. needs to put this in her binder)

  • Extra paper

  • Pen

  • Large sharpie for ice-draw moves, jumps or spin patterns to work on

  • Extra hair tie

  • Sharpening schedule-keep track of how often you sharpen you skates

  • Handy phone numbers (parents, coach, local rinks for open skate times)

  • Critique photos. (This isn’t in I.G.'s binder. I saw another coach take digital photos of a skater’s program, print them out, and point out good and bad positions.)
What’s in your binder? Share the contents in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you! I'm the one who asked this question. I really appreciate the info and will be interested to see comments from others. I'm changing from a paper folder to a 3-ring binder format and you have given me lots of good tips on what to include in my new binder. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us via your blog!

Ice Mom said...

Thanks for suggesting the post, Anony! I forgot to give you credit earlier, but I've fixed it now. - Ice Mom

Anonymous said...

We also keep a pencil holder (a flat one, with ring holes), in which we hold pens, music, cords, etc. Just a good catch all for the stuff that would otherwise be falling out all over the ice. Ours has two separate pockets -- one for music one for other stuff. Probably a good place for the hair ties too.

Kate said...

What a great idea! I can't wait to make myself one of these.

Kate said...

Also, could I request a post please? I'd love to know what your daughter does in terms of off-ice; we know a little about it from past posts but more info would be great, as I'm trying to work myself out an off-ice schedule currently.

Ebingley said...

Thanks for the great tip! What I need to know is: how do you handle nerves before a competition! I would love your advice if you don't mind writing about it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has a double sided sheet that has her entire practice session laid out for her with spaces for her to write if she fell, had difficulty and how many times she ran through her programs. So it starts with her moves in the field warm-up, then all single jumps, then all singles with loops on the end, then axels, double attempts and finally program run-throughs.

She has to share this with her coach each week.

TSK fotboll said...

This is a great idea Ice Mom.