Monday, June 29, 2009

How-to: The sock bun part two - creative use of hairnets

Some folks expressed concern about the sock bun method for figure skaters in an earlier post: The concern is that the figure skater in the photos has shorter hair. The mom just blends in the ends of her daugher's hair with the hair on the rest of her head.

I agree. I am a member of the hair net club for sock buns. Here's my method (Ice Girl is in the photos, along with all of our skating stuff - in a disorderly heap.)

Step one: Start from the fountain stage. In other words, make the pony tail, put sock bun form around it, and then have your skater bend over so the hair falls over the sock bun form and covers it completely. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read the earlier post.

Then, wrangle the hair into a swirl using the hair net.
Step two: more wrangling. I pull the hairnet out and twist it over itself, then come back and cover the bun some more.

Step three: the bun. You can see it's kind of enclosed with a hair net. At this point, you can pin it down with bobby pins. Be sure to use two at each spot. Bobby pins should cross over one another to hold each other in place. In other words, make an X with two bobby pins. That way, your skater won't sprinkle bobby pins all over the ice. You can also secure the bun with just another pony tail rubber band.

Step four: Hide the bobby pins with a scrunchie. By the way, this one is made from that sequin fabric that gave me fits. Pretty, isn't it?

Bonus: Using the hairnet not only holds your skater's bun in place, but she can serve lunch when the competition's over.


RedShamrock said...

Glad to read this one; especially the wrangling part. When I do G's hair a lot of that is going on.

Bec said...

I'm a dancer, skate in my free time, but just wanted to offer- to keep those loose hairs (whispies) in place, put hair mousse into the hair, right around, before brushing it up into a pony tail. Also, if you want to get a nice boofy, round bun, skip the do-nut (hair sock, you call it?) and tease the hair. Wrap, pin, then put into a net. Secure with french pins. Spray with hair spray.

You'll have a lovely neat bun, no messy bits, and it will be perfectly scrunchie sized! :)

Kelly said...
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