Sunday, April 6, 2008

rant: American Girl people have it in for skating moms

I was reading other figure skating blogs and I found out from Required Elements that we're all doomed. Yep, American Girl dolls from the Pleasant Company (headquartered 10 minutes from my house and--I can exclusively reveal--located two, maybe three blocks from an ice rink) has added Mia to its line-up.

Mia is available only in 2008, so you might as well budget. Mia and her book will set you or the grandparents back $90. To get her starter set of clothes is gonna cost you another $168. Yep. Starter Set.

If your daughter wants to dress like Mia (thank God Ice Girl doesn't fit in those American Girl clothes anymore), that's another $84. Did I mention look-alike p.j.'s? Yep. Mia's pajamas are $22, but your daughter's p.j.'s are $56.

Ice Girl is 12. She hasn't received an American Girl doll for two years. She likes them, she's a girl. When I showed her Mia on the American Girl site, Ice Girl said that Mia looks like her (Ice Girl). Darn it, she's right. Ice Girl's hair is a bit shorter and Ice Girl is a bit taller, but they could be sisters.

I might as well accept my fate willingly: Mia will be coming to my home for the holidays, I'm sure.

Good thing I won't have to pay for Mia's ice time and coaching, too! That Mia kid is involved in figure skating and hockey. I can barely afford Mia's wardrobe, let alone her extra curriculars.

Maybe Ice Girl should make matching "Will Babysit for Ice Time" t-shirts for Mia, too. Whaddya think?


Laura said...

Ha, I blogged about Mia also and I was really excited about her...I love hearing the "mom" perspective. I wonder how many figure skating parents out there are being begged for this doll right about now...

Susan said...

Dear Ice Mom,
When American Girl celebrated Mia in New York City, they rented out Rockefeller Rink and there were hundreds of girls with their Mia dolls. I created a separate category for American Girl on my website Lifeskate. If you and Ice Girl ever want to see the madness, feel free. Also will be adding your site under my blogroll because we need a parent's perspective on this activity --it can get insanely crazy! --Susan from Lifeskate

Ice Mom said...

Thanks, Susan, for adding me to your Blogroll! I am honored! I'm also on my way to look at your post about Mia. I. Can't. Resist. American. Girl. Dolls.

Skittl1321 said...

I got Mia the day she came out! I still think it's a sham that she didn't come with skates though. My secret- instead of buying the accessory set- I called and bought the skates and guards as a replacement part. Per item it was more expensive, but I didn't get things I didn't want and saved money overall.

I also got the 2-in-1 hockey outfit (though that little skirt would be horrible to skate in) and the performance dress. But no PJs. I teach LTS and see little girls in Mia's pink shirt all the time!

agfan247 said...

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