Tuesday, November 18, 2008

new skates: diamonds on the soles of her boots

Check out Ice Girl's glitter-ific new boots! The good folks at Rainbo (Renee and Kevin) were just terrific.

We're new to skating, so I had no idea that the varnishing process takes two weeks or that we could have glitter (left), stickers, or Ice Girl's name under the varnish. Very cool.
Half of figure skating's allure might be in the glitter, flash, bling, and crystals.


Aaron said...

Oh it's under the varnish...how cool! What a great idea! Ice Girls name is under there too? I'm impressed!

Susana said...

That is sooo cool! I wonder why the varnish takes so long. Here in Mexico they do it in a couple of days, but then again, they don't do glitter or anything remotely fun like that. Mexican Ice Girl would be bugging me to go to Rainbo if she knew.

Ice Mom said...

Kevin at Rainbo said that the varnishing process takes so long because they put 14 thin coats on the leather. After a coat dries, they sand the layer and add another coat on top.

Ice Coach ordered new boots and told the folks at Rainbo to put so much glitter on that she won't be able to see the leather underneath. :)