Friday, July 11, 2008

Sewing: Serena's deadline figure skating dress

Isn't this dress gorgeous? Susan at Lifeskate blogged about this dress in a post called Serena Williams in an original Carrie Jones figure skating dress.

I didn't know who Carrie Jones was before I read Susan's excellent post and interview. I'm sure that folks who have been around figure skating much longer than I have know Carrie's work and Web site.

If you're into sewing, or your avoiding your next project, read Susan's post about how Carrie created the figure skating dress (left) that Serena wore in a photo shoot.

Carrie and her assistant took just seven hours to sew it, bead it, and ship it.

Seven hours! Geez. No procrastination there.

I am inspired. Right now I'm beading a dress for Ice Girl that is pretty much the same dark turquoise in Serena's dress. The dress took me two days to sew; the beading is taking forever.

Seven hours. I'm just so impressed.

Did I mention how the dress is gorgeous? Holy buckets. I'm in awe.

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Cheryl said...

That is a gorgeous dress! I, too, am new to this whole figure skating thing, but I have 2 daughters interested in it, so I'd better learn to sew-and quickly! I've been having a very hard time finding patterns for practice dresses. I found one McCall's pattern yesterday, but I was looking for the pull over leo's, and these patterns all have zippers (I'm truly a novice sewer and afraid of zippers!). *sigh*

Thanks for the neat blog though! :-)

Best wishes,